Option A: The Ten Series

Keeping with our basic template that has successfully launched individuals into the ranks of CrossFit athlete, we’ll focus first on correct movement, second on cementing consistency, and lastly on intensity and hard work. We welcome you to our newly redesigned, comprehensive, safe, and FUN introduction to CrossFit.

Our “Ten Series” are private training sessions designed to introduce the basics with one-to-one attention, supervision, and coaching. They are scheduled any day, any time, depending on your availability, and year round.  We begin with a movement assessment and then design a program specifically for your current needs and goals. These 10 training sessions are designed to build a base of stability, muscular endurance (your ability to lift weight over a period of time) and your aerobic capacity.

Option B: Fit For Life Program

At CrossFit Wenatchee, we are passionate about preventative Health and Wellness and introducing individuals to a Fitness For Life! This 12 Week Program is great for individuals looking to start their fitness journey with individualized programming and nutrition! With a workout program designed specifically for you, and the addition of Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, you will be well on your way to an improved healthy life!

What is Included in the Fit For Life Program?

  • Initial Assessment

    • Body Move Work Analysis (Functional Movement Screening)

    • Caliper (Body Fat % Measurement)

  • Personal Training

    • One Hour Personal Training Session 2 Times per week.

    • Individualized Training Plan based on your Initial Assessment and Personal Goals

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

    • A personalized Nutrition Plan based off of your Assessment and Goals

    • Bi-Weekly Habits focused on creating sustainable habits and a lifetime of Health & Wellness

    • Bi-Weekly Check-in emails meant to help us check & adjust your plan according to your personal progress and goals.

In our effort to continue to press our athletes toward increased fitness levels and advanced skills, and to keep our community a manageable size of close knit friends, we will limit the number of beginners being coached through the Ten Series.  Once you’re here, our focus will be on coaching you and expanding your skills and competencies. “We fail at the margins of our experience” and it’s our goal to push you, when you’re ready, into those places.

If you’ve heard the rumors that CrossFit Wenatchee is only a place for advanced athletes, it’s simply not true. We take athletes of all sizes, skills, and levels and we push you to be better. Tenacity welcome.