the opex wenatchee journey

Step One: Free Consult

Sign up for your free one-on-one consultation - let's discuss your goals and any questions you might have. Book in below.

Step Two: Consultation & Assessment

At OPEX Wenatchee, we'll take you through our unique and in-depth assessment. This gives us a starting point for where you are now so that we can create the map to where you want to go.

Step Three: Your Program

Your coach has given you your individualized program and it's time to get started! Get your workouts in at times convenient for you in our a fun, energetic, supportive community.

Step Four: Refine, Refine, Refine

During your training, something amazing will happen - While your coach will always be a huge part of your journey, you will begin to take real ownership of your program, learning how to make meaningful lifestyle changes that last.

Whether your greatest goals include exploring traveling the world, chasing your kids for years to come, getting a PR at an upcoming obstacle race or achieving your very best at the competitive level, we'll teach you how to get there.