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Watch our team of healthcare professionals work with community members to curate a patient-specific approach to meet health and life goals, while overcoming the personal obstacles that each patient faces in their lives.

Episode 1 introduces Jamie and the Inspirement Plan Team.

Two weeks into his program, coach Benjamin Seims opens up about conquering depression, Jamie Howell gets a much needed sit down to dial in his calories with diet magician Jess Tyrrell, and life hack queen Delcie Proffitt takes a walk through Wenatchee, WA to discuss leadership and living big in Episode 2.

Six weeks into the program, Wenatchee battles a blanket of smoke in the haze of late August. Jamie struggles with the weight-loss plateau, overcomes his ankle injury, and has a breakdown logging his calories. Meanwhile, Jess is picking up the pieces from a tragic loss, and Delcie teaches us her three life hacks for how to get back on track after getting knocked down.

The late summer stays hot and smokey as we transition from August to September. Benjamin and Kelsey recognize that Jamie's self-criticism is holding him back from acknowledging his own accomplishments. Kelsey opens up about architecting her own life after breakdown and Jamie gets real about his relationship to alcohol.

September reveals clear skies and cooler days in Wenatchee, Washington. Jamie Howell shares his lab results with Dr. Jacob Egbert and Ohme Gardens Director Nena Howell learns for the first time that her husband is at risk for diabetes. Kelsey Chase discusses chronic disease as a first responder for the Chelan County Fire District 1 and we explore life at home without alcohol.