the benefits of our membership

Fully Individualized training program

Your personal program is delivered to you. No templates, completely custom-tailored based on your goals and the assessment process. Then, you execute the workouts and earn the results, taking your wellness journey into your own hands!

Unlimited Coaching

You won’t be limited to seeing a coach once or twice per week. You can book in as many times as needed and won’t be left to figure it all out yourself.

Flexible scheduling

Get your workouts in on your schedule - the gym floor is open and a coach is always on the floor to help you with movement, making sure everyone works out safely and to encourage and support you when you need it.

Monthly consultations with your coach

This ensures that your progress continues and allows you to have intentional conversations as your goals evolve.

Customized nutrition plan

We start slowly, to truly identify what your body needs and how it works. This is an important part of helping you achieve your goals.

Lifestyle Guidance

As well as nutrition we will look at things like sleep, energy levels and stress and figure out how we can optimize everything so that you can reach your true potential both inside and outside of the gym.

Body Composition testing

We use the Harpenden Skin Fold Caliper with a 7 site test to provide you accurate testing. No more guess work.

Ongoing education

Our passion is to continually provide new ideas to our clients so that we can grow as a community. We will offer ongoing workshops and events to challenge, encourage and move you forward.

Organic community

Individual design is the best of both worlds because every member does their own customized workouts in a group environment. When multiple clients work out at the same time, natural camaraderie happens. We like to think of this as the icing on the cake!