The OPEX Wenatchee Journey: How We Do It Different

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At OPEX Wenatchee, the people we serve and the experience we provide are the most important part of what we do. Our culture is at the center of everything. We believe that through the experience of fitness, we help people live a greater life, and our systems and processes are set up to support this.

We coach individuals at any fitness level, for nearly any endeavor. We help people move better, move more, and perform to their highest potential. We are a staple in the community for honest, results driven fitness and health. We view fitness as an evolving journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind and body while attempting to discover physical potential - leading to the discovery of purpose and longevity of oneself. At OPEX Wenatchee, our commitment to continual learning and passion for sharing that knowledge ensures that our clients have the best experience possible of fitness: the OPEX Experience.

In our last blog post we talked about WHY we chose OPEX. Now we would like to show you HOW we do what we do! While we work to tailor your experience to your individual needs, these steps ensure that you have a high quality, personalized experience, resulting in the most effective plan for YOU!

Step One: Free Consult

Sign up for your free one-on-one consultation - let's discuss your goals and any questions you might have.

Step Two: Consultation & Assessment

At OPEX Wenatchee, we'll take you through our unique and in-depth assessment. This gives us a starting point for where you are now so that we can create the map to where you want to go.

Step Three: Your Program

Your coach has given you your individualized program and it's time to get started! Get your workouts in at times convenient for you in our a fun, energetic, supportive community.

Step Four: Refine, Refine, Refine

During your training, something amazing will happen - While your coach will always be a huge part of your journey, you will begin to take real ownership of your program, learning how to make meaningful lifestyle changes that last.

Whether your greatest goals include exploring traveling the world, chasing your kids for years to come, getting a PR at an upcoming obstacle race or achieving your very best at the competitive level, we'll teach you how to get there.

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What is OPEX

What is OPEX

OPEX is how we deliver fitness to all of our clients. OPEX is customized fitness in a team environment. Every client has the full support a coach off the floor, but they have the guidance of a coach on the floor as they train with the rest of the gym community each day.

Instead of just telling you what it is, it’s more impactful to show you!

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

As we journey through life, we collect notions and ideas that shape the lens through which we see the world. Having a defined worldview helps guide our actions and decide what new information has utility, keeping us on a path of progress. However, there is an important distinction between approaching life with a fixed versus a growth mindset. The former limits progress, while the latter fuels it.

A fixed mindset puts a ceiling on progress by making us resistant to new perspectives. Someone with a fixed mindset has set beliefs on who they are and what they are capable of. They impose limitations on themselves by believing they have fixed traits that cannot be changed. Consequently, they are often hypersensitive to feedback and consider even constructive criticism to be a personal attack.

Those that walk into a gym with a fixed-mindset don’t succeed in the long-term. They are typically looking for someone to rubber stamp their current lifestyle and training, and are resistant to alternative approaches. Feedback and small failures are a reason to quit, not to seek a creative solution. Fixed-mindset folks counter suggestions with a reason why they can’t. It’s easy to throw in the towel if you decide your potential is predetermined and beyond your control.

Having a growth mindset, on the other hand, is integral to seeking progress. Those with this approach to the world see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. They are spurred on by setbacks and take joy in learning. Effort and attitude determine ability for the growth-minded, so they believe that everyone is capable of achieving greatness if they give it the time and energy.

OPEX clients succeed because they possess a growth mindset. They may already know a thing or two about fitness, but they are open to listening and learning from new perspectives. Their approach to their health is constantly evolving as they’re exposed to new ideas. This is not to say that they blindly accept the word of their coaches, rather, they take feedback graciously, try it out, and make an informed decision on its utility.

The path to health is never perfectly straight and life has a way of throwing us curveballs. Rather than using frustration and challenge as a reason to give up, growth-minded folks use adversity as an opportunity to adapt.

Take the example of one OPEX client, who suffers from knee pain from arthritis.

If she possessed a fixed mindset, you might hear her say, “I can’t work out because it hurts when I run, jump and squat. I’m just not athletic. It’s only going to get worse and I’ll have to get a knee replacement at some point anyway, why bother?”

But because of her growth mindset, she approaches her training by saying, “I help my arthritis by building strength in my legs to help my joints. I work with my coach to find movements like cycling and single-leg exercises that are pain-free, and I eat a low-inflammatory diet because I know it can help chronic joint pain.”

Who would you prefer to train alongside? At OPEX Gyms, you’ll surround yourself with growers. The open-minded attitude of our coaches and clients is infectious and inspiring, and creates an environment that fuels a relentless drive for growth.

If you’re willing to approach fitness with a growth-mindset, and want to work as a team with your personal OPEX Coach, the floor coaches and other OPEX clients, then you’ll find success in an OPEX Gym. You have the power to find great health and craft yourself a lifestyle that brings you purpose, so long as you’re open to trying!

Wellbeing - What It Really Means

Wellbeing coaches, lifestyle coaches, wellbeing seminars to name but a few are becoming the latest buzzwords within many companies and health and fitness circles of late. But what really is wellbeing? Why is this now a thing? What can we actually do to optimize our wellbeing?

What does wellbeing mean?

Wellbeing is defined as ‘the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy.’ A term that goes back to the 1800’s but up until the 1960’s was a term very rarely used by most people. In the last 40 years the use of the term has grown massively to the point that it now is used almost daily to describe aspects of our emotional and mental health.

Why is wellbeing now such a buzzword?

100 years ago there was no physical fitness or exercise culture for the masses. This is because people back then got sufficient exercise through day to day life and for those who did complete physical training this was generally to prepare for combat or to compete in sport.

Fast forward to today and fitness culture forms an essential part of our lives to help us live a long and fulfilled life. Why is this? How we live. Our sedentary lifestyles now mean that we need to exercise, move and consciously exert energy just to get by. A symptom of our lives is the existence of a fitness culture that prompts and encourages us to be physically active. Yet still as I write this many people choose not to exercise and as a society we continue to get more obese and unhealthy.

The idea of wellbeing as a pursuit is again another indication of a broken system. The demands placed on us in our day to day lives through work, social media, modern technology and the news mean that we are no longer able to maintain a state of being comfortable, happy and healthy unless we make a conscious effort to achieve this. Hence the rise of wellbeing coaches and initiatives in workplaces, an attempt to fix a broken system.

What can we do?

If we acknowledge that the system is broken, unsustainable and not likely to change any time soon then WE need to take action ourselves to put ourselves first, live our life towards our highest priorities and learn when to say no.

But like the fitness industry we are lead to believe that we can bio-hack or fast track our way out of this situation, no one will buy the truth that we just need to develop self autonomy and the awareness to understand when things just aren’t going right.

Simple ways to get balance

Wellbeing can crudely be seen as achieving balance between all elements of your life: work, family & friends and recovery/rest/play time. If we want to live the lives that will make us all smile when we are on our deathbeds the key is finding balance again between all these things. Here are some simple tools to implement to help you:

  1. Plan all of your week - Time blocking is a great tool not only for productivity at work but also for balancing out life and ensuring that you are spending the time doing the things that matter to you. Each weekend sit down and prioritize your week based on what you want to achieve in terms of time with you family and friends, play/rest/recovery THEN work.

  2. Learn to be present - Our phones and the internet have given us so much but also taken away so much of how we interact and live our lives. Set aside the time to leave the phone alone, be truly present in the moment where you are and who you are with.

  3. Learn to say no - Perhaps the hardest thing of all for many of us to do. But simply the way we live now means that more demand is placed on us (especially at work) than we are physically capable of delivering. We spread ourselves too thin. Learn to say no and put yourself first, it is OK to be selfish.

  4. Review your schedule regularly - Success in tracking what you eat often comes from the pure awareness of seeing what you are consuming on a day to day basis, apply this principle to tracking your time. Divide it up into work and rest, that is all, two buckets. What we want is a 60/40 split as a minimum. If this isn’t where you are now you will burn out and other factors in your life will suffer.

But I’m a Unicorn

You are not a unicorn. You need sleep. You need to eat regularly. You need exposure to the Sun. You need time to rest. You need to take a lunch break (that’s why they exist).

You need to put YOURSELF first.