Basic Lifestyle Guideline: Food Quality


Food quality is looking at the source of the food as well as the nutritional value. With quality food selection, we’re hitting the micronutrient balance of the food as well.

Typically, fitness nutrition programs have been geared towards macros and thinking about the percentage of your fat, carbs and protein without taking in to account the micronutrient value of the food making up your macros. Focusing a bit on micronutrient profiles can help us reduce the toxic load on our bodies. Toxicity often comes from foods that are sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, or animals that are charged up with antibiotics and/or hormones.

With more whole/real foods in your diet, you will likely stabilize blood sugar more effectively. As you remove manufactured foods from your diet, not only are you eliminating preservatives and chemicals from your system, you are also increasing the vitamins and nutrients that you’re not losing from the processing of those foods.

Food quality has a huge benefit of allowing us to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals that you’re taking in with out having to take in more food or supplements to cover our vitamin/mineral deficiency.

You do not need to make huge changes over night. Instead, take small steps to make incremental progress. For example, say you are eating white bread sandwiches with cheese and bologna. What does an upgrade look like for this?

  • Make small upgrades on each one of the ingredients each week and month - Switching to wheat bread with grass fed cheese and deli turkey. Any type of deli meat is going to be better than bologna, which is a small upgrade. Then take time to adapt to it. There may be hits or misses as you make changes to your habits. The small changes will help you succeed more consistently in the long-run. After 3 months (it will be a bit different for everyone), you will likely be seeing some changes.

  • Now is a great time to switch out cheese for tomatoes and possibly a gluten free deli turkey.. heck, why not just make it a lettuce wrap?!

Now you’ve gone from white bread, cheese and bologna all the way down to a lettuce wrap with organic tomatoes and roasted hand sliced turkey made at home. That is a much higher order meal!! This progression allows you to be successful because you have slow incremental changes without the massive stress that may have arisen with an abrupt change right in the beginning.

How does the meal upgrade benefit your body specifically:

  • Upgraded vitamins and minerals.

  • Decreased the toxic load on the liver from the weaker ingredients such as bologna.

  • Decreased the toxic load on the liver by lowering the pesticides and herbicides both sprayed on the crops as well as in the soil by moving to organic ingredients.

  • Improved blood sugar management by moving from very simple carbs - the more complex the carb, the harder it is for the body to break it down. It may sound like that would be a negative, but a slower breakdown of carbs into energy means better balances of blood sugar throughout the day and more consistent energy.

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