Basic Lifestlye Guideline: Purpose


We define purpose as living in alignment with our highest goals or priorities.

When we as humans do not feel connected to a purpose. we experience stress, and when our stress is up, we create compensatory behaviors that have to be dealt with. Compensatory behavior could look like over or under-indulging in anything from exercise to eating to socializing, making it difficult to follow any kind of nutrition, training of lifestyle-based program.

Purpose is a way to reevaluate why you may not be hitting goals or benchmarks. Merely bringing awareness back to your purpose will help you align and achieve your goals more consistently and effectively.

Here are some questions to ask that may help you get realigned with your purpose:

  • How do you enjoy spending your free time?

  • What are you doing when you feel most energized/alive?

  • What engages and captures your attention the most?

  • What are goals you have set?

  • What do you love talking to others about?

These questions are a great place to start when working to define your purpose, but remember, your purpose can, and should, evolve as you grow. Our Professional Coaches at OPEX Wenatchee are trained to help you with defining your purpose and aligning it with your goals inside and outside of the gym.

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