Instant Gratification and Why Fitness For Life Is Boring


We’ve all been there.

Frustrated with a plateau. Feeling like there has been no change, or that we are sliding backward, our goal slipping from our grasp. Maybe you’re in a funk - life’s got you down a little bit, or the weather. Maybe you’re just unsure of what the future holds and how to navigate it.

With the onslaught of Instagram Influencers hyping the next quick fix, it is becoming harder to ignore the media being put in front of us on a daily basis. It injects thoughts and beliefs that deep down, we KNOW are not the solution. For a large number of these people (whether intentional or not) the goal is to undermine an individual’s confidence, resulting in an impulse to buy their “solution” to the problem you feel you are facing.

Fitness For Life seems to lack the confetti and excitement that some other forms of fitness, or quick solutions to “fitness” and weight-loss offer. I get it. It’s super tempting to jump on the train when there are comments from others proclaiming they have lost X amount of weight in just 30 days, or that with this High Intensity blah blah they got lean and mean for their wedding, or reunion, or divorce revenge body.

That. Is. Bullshit.

All that quick fix is going to get you is a crash course in re-gaining weight or causing damage to your hormones and homeostasis. And high intensity all of the time? That is a recipe for injury, becoming “wired and tired”, and creating cortisol junkies (quite literally making you addicted to intense exercise).

Setting up an 18 month plan with your coach may not sound glamorous - in fact people have told me it sounds straight up boring - but I’ll tell you what… the clients that commit to that 18 month plan are seeing results.

Not only are they seeing results, they are making progress longer, decreasing risk of injury, finding a daily rhythm that is sustainable for a lifetime and having FUN doing it!

I would argue that in today’s society, what we offer at OPEX Wenatchee IS the Counter Culture.

In a world where people interact more online than in person, stimulation is delivered immediately via the internet and superficial lives are shown to an audience begging for acceptance we offer genuine, human connection. We focus on authenticity and the individual. There is no cookie cutter approach to fitness or nutrition - No one system that works for everyone.

Instead you get to choose your own adventure, and with the help of a professional coach, make a plan to keep moving forward in a way that is sustainable for your lifestyle for the entirety of your life.

At OPEX Wenatchee we strive to guide individuals to Live and Inspired Life through Fitness. If that means hiking a mountain, participating in a triathlon, keeping up with your grand kids, performing at the top of your profession or winning at the sport of life, then this is the place to do it!

Come be boring with us!


Essential Movement Patterns


Does your resistance training program hit all the essential movement patterns?

When an OPEX Coach sits down to write your lifting workouts, they take care to craft a delicate balance of:
✔️Single Leg

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