• Traveling CrossFitters, Visitors, First timers — PLEASE SEE OUR DROP IN POLICY

• Many holidays will follow our Saturday schedule but check the main page and calendar for details. Closures and schedule changes will be posted on our Facebook page and in the gym on the whiteboard.

• We are closed on Sundays.

Membership Pricing

Individual Design $195 + tax
Student Individual Design $150 + tax
Kids     $10 Per Class/$100 10 Class Punch Card

Personal Training Pricing

$75 - 1 Hour Training Session
$100 - 1.5 Hour Training Session
$750 - Ten Series (10 PT Sessions)
$1000 - Fit For Life Program (2 PT Sessions per week for 12 Weeks)

Drop In


*Please Contact crossfitwenatchee@gmail.com for information on multi-family member, LOE, Fire, First Responder, Military and Corporate discounts, as well as facility rental pricing.