If you’re looking for a gym, stop by during any open hours. We’ll take the time to answer your questions, show you around, and you can talk to our clients.

We encourage everyone to come in and work out with us first, before deciding anything. That way you get to meet us, see the gym, sample our coaching style, experience a CrossFit workout. Once we’ve met you, we can plan the best way for you to get started at CrossFit Wenatchee.

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We require a high level of independence from our athletes, from knowing appropriate weights to performing mobility work on your own in accordance with what your body needs. If you’ve never done CrossFit before, we build CrossFitters from the ground up. If you’re early in your CrossFit career, we’ll add to your skills and your confidence. You won’t be a firebreather, yet, but you’re on your way.

We’re strict – on form, movement, standards, and safety. You will be coached here. Guided and led by individuals who have studied CrossFit, made it their major, and continue to learn as practitioners and coaches.