WOD 1.12.2015

Pull-up Biathlon: 
Athletes will do 4 Down & Back Runs to start, then Complete 30 Pull-ups
(60 Ring Rows) For Time
*Any time you drop from the bar or rings, complete 3 down and back runs
*CTB, Ring Muscle-ups or Bar Muscle-up are acceptable as long as you can
complete at least 5 reps each time.
*10 Minute Cap

EOMOM For 10 Minutes (5 Sets): 
10 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans

In 10 Minutes: 
3 Minutes of Synchronized Burpees (in pairs)
7 Minutes to Establish a Heavy Push Jerk -OR- Split Jerk
*Partners will switch off Reps on the Bar to each establish a Jerk
weight. Score will be your total number of burpees + COMBINED Jerk
Weight, for example: Kelsey and Noah did 50 Burpees in 3 minutes and
then Noah ended with a split jerk weight of 200# and Kelsey ended with
100#. Our Score would be 50/300#.