WOD 1.25.2016

3 Minutes of Ab Mat Pizza Game WarmUp
*5 Hollow Rocks if you loose your mat

5 Minutes of Agility Ladder Work

10 Minutes of "Pushing" Skill Work
*Push-ups, Dips, Support, Handstand Push-ups, Floor/Bench/Strict/Push
Press, etc.

Dumbbell Snatch Ladder:
Beginning with the 20# Dumbbell, Complete 1 Rep on each arm. When both
lifts are complete, move immediately to the next dumbbell (increments of
10/5). Time will be noted at the 40/30lb. dumbbell (checkpoint) as well
as overall time. Time is called when the athlete cannot complete a rep.
Score will be load/reps/checkpoint time/total time. 2 athletes will go
at a time, the rest will cheer or judge!

10 Minutes of Midline Conditioning:
25 Toes to Bar
25 Tight Arch Ups/Rocks
20 Beat Swings
20 Hanging Alternating Leg Raises
*This will be treated as an AMRAP, but athletes should work to on
quality movement.
*Make it Pretty... POINT YOUR TOES :)