WOD 1.4.2015

5 Minutes of Belted Burpee Get-up Sprints
*Slow down at the Exit Sign

20 Minutes to Complete:
A)Establish a Heavy 5 Rep NO BOUNCE Deadlift
*Very Controlled, Flat Back
B)3x3 Segmented Clean Pulls
*1 Second Pause at Shin, Knee and Mid Quad
C)3x3 Speed Deadlifts
*90 Seconds of rest between sets during B & C

5 Minutes Airdyne For Calories
Rest 3 Minutes, Then...

5 Minute AMRAP:
3-7 Unbroken Toes to Bar For Max Sets
*Do 3 Drop, Do 3 drop, etc.
*Score will be the amount of sets and the number you could hold i.e. 8
Rounds of 7, or 10 Rounds of 4.