WOD 2.1.2016

15 Minutes to Establish a Heavy Double Power Clean + Pause Push Jerk
*Hold the Power Clean catch (2 seconds) and Push Jerk from there. You
may drop and reset

The Following May Be Completed in Any Order, All movements should be
completed in
pairs with one person working and the other counting/ensuring standards
are being met:

1 Minute Air Squat Test
2 Minute Rest/Transition

Max Effort Strict Push-up Test
*Plank position must be maintained
2 Minute Rest/Transition

Max Effort Strict Pull-up Test
*If you have kipping pull-ups but not strict you may choose to do them,
or ring rows
2 Minute Rest/Transition

1 Minute Sit-up Test
2 Minute Rest/Transition

500M Row
*For this, you and your partner will row at the same time
Rest 2 Minutes

10 Minute ROMWOD