WOD 11.7.2016

Classes today at: 

  • 5:30am
  • 5pm
  • 6pm  

Open Gym from 9am-4pm

15 min barbell skill work with PVC

Perform three reps of each holding each for 10sec

  • Squatting quad snatch position
  • Squatting quad overhead position
  • Squatting quad OHS position
  • Bergner Warm up

10Min 3part pausing Snatch warm up with coach with weight

  • Snatch pull
  • Muscle snatch
  • Power snatch
  • Power snatch +OHS

20 min to 3 part pausing Snatch DL work to a 5RM

  • then 95% for 5R
  • then 90% for 5R