Featured Athlete: Jennifer Robichaux

Who is Jen?

Dedicated, driven, educator, wife, mother, optimistic, busy, thankful for the small things, constantly challenging myself and others to be their best, spiritual, passionate about whitewater kayaking, rivers, gardening, sunshine, and growing my own food.  I strongly believe in "never giving up and never giving in." Though as I mature (lol),  I realize that you have to modify your goals in pursuit of maintaining balance and harmony in your life.  All in all, I am a work in progress! 

When/how did you start CrossFit? 
About five years ago, after my husband showed me the CrossFit video "Nasty Girls" and I was like "Wow!" "How do I do that?"  I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Cashmere and I was hooked from the get go.  CrossFit suits my personality.  It is a healthy obsession and compulsion.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit?   

The fact that I have to dig deep in a lot of the WODS, and no matter what, I always learn something about myself.  Just the other day Burpees were a part of the WOD and somewhere near the end of the second round of 50 Burpees as I was hurling myself to the ground and picking myself back up, I realized that Burpees are a mirror of life in that no matter what life throws at you, you always have to pick yourself up, even if you are tired and your inner voice is screaming "NO!" "I can't do another Burpeeeeee!"  You can and you will because to quit is just not an option. I love CrossFit because it mirrors my life in that it is a never ending journey towards progress, not perfection.  I've come a long way with CrossFit, but I have a long beautiful road ahead of me. I also love the fact that it is a community of awesomeness- and that no matter who you are or where you are- it meets you where you are at every time.

Explain your experience/transformation?

CrossFit and I have a relationship, and it is taking me on a journey, and I never know what is around the next bend. Just when I think I've got a movement dialed, a coach comes along and tells me how to do it better. Thank you!  All of you awesome coaches who support my growth and challenge me to do better and all of you amazing athletes; I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of others.

Who inspires you in your daily life?

WOW!  Many many people inspire me in daily life.  My husband inspires me, my children inspire me, my students at school inspire me.  Strong women inspire me.  I am inspired by people who rise from the ashes, stronger than ever before.  

Who inspires you in the gym? 

Everyone! Especially, all those crazy 5:30 am people.  I'm lucky that there are so many great people willing to get up at the crack of dawn to do a WOD or coach a WOD.  It's a special time of the day, and I couldn't think of a better way to start the morning. Go Dawn Patrol! 

What life goal do you have that CrossFit will help you attain? 

Crossfit helps sustain not only my physical health but also my mental health, and it keeps me in shape to chase my kids.  Not to mention the fact they say strong people are hard to kill.

How does CrossFit training help you in your daily life? 

Crossfit helps me in just about every aspect of life.  You should see me clean the house-"3,2,1, go!" Seriously..  It also gives me the strength and stamina I need to get through my days. Not to mention, it really makes me a nicer person.  

If you could design a workout, it would be...?  
5 Rounds
10 Thrusters
15 KB swings
10 Push Press
250 Meter Row