WOD 3.8.2016

10 Minutes to Complete:
3x3 Strict Press @80% of 1RM

EOMOM For 10 Minutes:
3 Back Squats @ 80% of 1RM
*5 minute warm-up prior to the EOMOM

2 Minutes to Complete, or 10 Minute AMRAP:
15 Wall Balls 20/14
10 Pull-ups
5 Dips/Push-ups
*Score is Total Amount of Reps
**If you complete in under 2 minutes you get 2 additional minutes, and
so on until the 10 minute cap.
**Once you cannot complete the work in 2 minutes it becomes an AMRAP
**You can keep going once you complete the dips/push-ups just like 16.2.
You do not have to wait until the 2 minute mark