WOD 8.26.2016

15 Minutes of Turkish Get-ups Skill Work
5 Minutes to Warm-up Bench Press
10 Minutes to Complete: 
5x5 Bench Press
*Dip Superset. Athletes should be aiming for 10 dips at most, but stop at failure. Try to use 2 boxes for the dip scale. 
Partner Grace, In to 100 Alternating Burpees
*Grace is 30 Clean & Jerks (135/95). Partners may break up reps in any way, but should do equal work. Ideally, partners will be using the same bar, but may load 2 bars if absolutely necessary. There is a 10 Minute Cap. Your team's score will be either your time or how many burpees you completed. Partners must alternate after EACH burpee.