WOD 9.26.2016

25 min to work up to a heavy pause (2 inch pull, 2 second hold then finish the lift) snatch and pause (same requirements on the pull) clean and jerk

*This should be a decent amount lower then your max, for me it's in the 85-90% range*
*Because of the extended time period, take advantage of it and drill a good warmup.*

10 min to complete:
5x10 Straight Leg L-Raises
**Preferably strict if not kip but stay tight**
*The top of the movement (LSit) doesn't have to be held for more then a second. Athlete discretion advised [😜] *

2 min amrap
1 down and back sprint
5 burpees
10 barbell thrusters
15 slam ball to shoulders (Dball cleans)
Double Unders till the 2 min expire

Rest 1 min

2 min amrap
Max Abmat sit-ups