WOD 9.30.2016

40 Minutes to Complete the Following Tests: 
*Spend 5 Minutes on Each Test, including Rest*

1) 2 Minute AMRAP: Max Strict Pull-ups *No breaking at the neck or kicking feet to make the rep! 
2) 1 Minute AMRAP: Hang Squat Clean @50% of 1RM
3) Shuttle Sprint for Best Time
4) Triple Broad Jump For Distance
5) Max Tuck Hold -OR- L-sit (feet over 2 45# Plates)
If you have less than 30 second L-sit, do the tuck hold; L-sit is knees locked out with no bend.
6) Max Strict Push-ups
7) Max Shoulder to Overhead @ 70% of Push Jerk Max
8) Max Double Unders