Monday Motivation: Master the Basics


This conversation has  been and on-going theme, not only at the gym, but at the firehouse. The constant question of, "How can I be better? How can I be a Master of my craft?"

And what every conversation boils down to is this: Master The Basics. Period.

At they gym, that means focusing on technique. Ensuring that the basics are being broken down and perfected all of the time.

I don't care if you've won the CrossFit Games... if you come in my gym and you're not squatting to depth, or getting your shoulders in line with your hips and heals at the top of your squat, I'm going to tell you. If you are cutting corners on the basics, your other movements are suffering. You may not notice it now, but eventually that shitty foundation will start to crack and you will see the effects in the form of injuries.

At work, the most basic thing that we do is put water on fire. There is no back up like there is on and EMS call. WE. ARE. THE. FIRE. DEPARTMENT.

So as easy as it is to get distracted by all sorts of "higher-level" more complicated parts of our job, the thing that I need to be a Master of is simple - Get my crew water and put the water on the fire.

For both of these situations the answer is more quality reps and really good coaching. Funny how the lines of gym and life seem to blur in most of my experiences.

Monday Challenge: Pick two things this week - one at work and one at the gym - and focus on the basics. Ask a coach, peer, supervisor to watch and evaluate you, keeping in mind that you are looking for constructive pointers on technique and efficiency. Adopt and attitude of learning and refine your basics. Build a strong foundation.