Monday Motivation: Don't Wait


It's easy to put things off... just ask me... I am such a procrastinator...

I think it's okay to put some things off. Seriously. The dishes will be there later. The toys won't kill anyone if they stay on the floor just a little bit longer (unless it's legos... then there could be a serious injury... just sayin')

But some things we shouldn't wait for.

To take the trip.
To follow a dream.
To tell someone we love them.
To hug our family and friends.
To experience something new.
To work on a relationship.
To make a new friend.
To say we are sorry.

Don't ever forget that we are all mortal, and moments are fleeting. Don't put off the really important things, because there could quite literally not be a tomorrow. Live now!

Monday Challenge: Do something that you have been putting off. Call someone you've been meaning to talk to. Talk to your partner about something you want to do together. Register for that class or take your kids to the movies. Get out and live!