Quality & Quantity of Fuel

As humans we generally have strong emotional reactions to food. If we can work toward the mindset that food is fuel for our bodies, it may help us eliminate poor eating habits and help us to develop healthy, long-lasting behaviors that will help us lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. 


We all know that quality of food is important. There are a lot of different thougths on this particular topic, but we like to keep it simple; Eat lean meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Also, focusing the majority of your carbohydrate intake around your workouts (pre and post) can help you to fuel your workouts and recovery while continuing to burn fat as fuel while at rest.


An individuals caloric requirement will be unique to themselves and their goals. Here are some ways to calculate calories, and some resources that can help you keep track of your daily intake; 

To Calculate Your Resting Energy Expenditure: 
Age 18-30 (Males) - 6.95 x Weight in Pounds + 679
Age 18-30 (Females) - 6.68 x Weight in Pounds + 496
Age 31-60 (Males) - 5.27 x Weight in Pounds + 879
Age 31-60 (Females) - 3.95 x Weight in Pounds + 829

To Calculate Your Activity Level: 
1.7 - Moderate - Carrying a load, jogging, light swimming, biking, calisthenics, scuba diving.
2.1 - Heavy - Walking with a load uphill, rowing, digging, climbing, soccer, basketball, running,          obstical course.
2.4 - Exceptional - Running/swimming races, cycling uphill, carrying very heavy loads, rowing.

Example: 5.27x200+829 = REE 1883 x 1.7(Moderate Activity) = 3201 Daily Energy Need (Calories)

CL Strength and Nutrition - This is our good friend and fellow CrossFitter, Coraleigh. Many of our own athletes have seen success working with Coraleigh on daily caloric intake, timing of macros and creation of lifelong habits to help lead a healthy, active life. 

MyFitness Pal - This app/website can help you to journal your food as well as give you daily goals as general calories or percentages of different macros. The basic version is fee, the upgrade is $9.99 monthly

Eat to Perform - This website and macro calculator can help you establish your daily calorie goal on both workout and rest days and help you calculate the percentage of proteing/cabs/fats you should be eating based off of those calculations.