The Importance of Journaling

Let's be honest, some of us are just down right terrible at keeping track of anything. Me, I have a few google calendars, my paper planner and or course, a plethora of sticky notes - I still forget. 

But journaling is an important part of what we do at the gym. Here are some great reasons to keep a journal:

  • It helps you keep track of progress - Many people begin a new exercise program with the best intentions, but may fall short of their goals or end up abandoning them altogether. Keeping a journal can help you keep track of progress and see firsthand your improvements and whether or not you are sticking to a steady routine.
  • They are great for at-home exercisers - One of the benefits of an exercise journal in a home scenario is that it serves as a reminder to work out. If the exercise journal is sitting in a prominent location around the house, it will serve as a reminder of fitness goals.
  • They are great for gym exercisers - If you go to a gym, you can also benefit from journaling. While some statistics are kept track of at the gym, keeping your own personal notes are great for referencing at home or when looking back on progress. Sometimes we lose sight of the progress that we have made, and a journal is a great motivational way to see this. 
  • It can help you reach your goals - Regardless of the goal, a journal can help you make sure that you are performing all aspects of your routines; warm-ups and stretching, your workouts and food.

Things you should journal: 

  • Your workouts - Especially weights (1 rep, 5 rep, 10 reps maxes, etc.) and any benchmark workout that will be re-tested or repeated.
  • Your food - This helps us with accountability, as well as reaching our goals. It also helps to keep us honest about what type of fuel we are putting in our bodies. Typically, if you have to write down that you are a candy bar, you will find a healthier option! 
  • Your sleep - This importance and impact of sleep is greatly underestimated. Journaling may help you find patterns and connections between your food and stress levels and the quality of your sleep. 
  • Your stress - Everyone has a bad day, but journaling your stress level and what is going on in your life may help you find patterns
  • Your health - Do you feel great? Do you feel tired? Are you sick? Again... patterns, patterns, patterns! 

It doesn't matter if you use an app or an old school notebook, but taking the time to journal can help you meet your goals, as well as motivate yourself and give you a reference for past and future progress! 

Get to journaling!