Building Power with Olympic LIfts

Olympic lifts are one of the best overall ways to train power.

While there are mainstay resistance lifts that build overall strength (the maximum amount of force a muscle/muscle group can generateat a specific velocity) such as the deadlift, squat and press. Training these lifts will create and recruit more motor neuron to motor unit connections - neuro-muscular pathways - and help create overall ability to produce force. 

The more complex the movement, the greater the role of the neural pathways. More motor units are recruited, and in turn, more coordination and ability to move an object over distanfces.

This brings us to power (the rate of doing work), where work is the product of force exerted on an object multiplied by the distance the object travels (F x D = P).

This is where Olympic lifts come in (force mutiplied by velocity). We work the main lifts to build strength, then use complex movements such as Olympic lifts with high intensity and moderate loads at high velocity to increase our ability to move loads quickly over distance. 

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