Coach Burgener Teaches the Snatch

It was an honor to be coached and instructed by Mike Burgener. There are a lot of other Olympic lifting certifications and instructors out there, each with very valid teaching points and methodology (I think MORE knowledge and experience is always better!). 

Coach Burgener saw how Olympic lifts were being used in CrossFit and, instead of writing it off, like many other Olympic lifting coaches did in the early days of CrossFit, he decided he was going to help the CrossFit community apply them correctly. 

Remember - There is more than one way to execute lifts, each has there own purpose. The way we bench, or squat or barbell cycle in CrossFit is meant to be applied to gaining speed and power. It is very different from the way a power lifter squats, presses or bench presses. 

Watch this video of Coach Burgener teaching the Snatch. Any ques sound familiar? Anything stick out as important to your lifts?