The Burgener Warm-up Explained

1.) Down and Up (Dip Drive) - Vicious extension of the ankles, knees and hips. Thi eccentric (downward) contraction is an elastic storing of energy prior to the concentric (upward) action on the barbell. 

2.) Elbows High and Outside - This second sequence mimics the upper-body movement in the beginning of the third pull. Elbow movement (high and outside/knuckles down) contained in this sequence is part of the process of pulling the body uder the barbell.

3.) Muscle Snatch - Strengthening exercise that teaches the upper body portion of the third pull, focusing on the pull under and the receiving position. 

4.) Snatch Land - Speed under the br and proper receiving position for the snatch

Snatch Balance - Speed under the bar and strength in the receiving position.