Open Letter to Regional Athletess

There is a gap that has been created in the CrossFit community between those who compete and those who do not. While there is a time and place for some extra skill work to help the natural progression in CrossFit, it should not remove you from the foundation set forth in a class setting.

This article from CrossFit Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer could not be more spot on.

The larger CrossFit becomes, the more I see athletes pulling away from the group setting. The post above addresses why that happens, and it also talks about the distance that it creates in the Community, but also the deficits it creates in the athlete.

Community is what makes CrossFit different from other gyms and programs. The people who surround us, encourage us, push us, hold us accountable... those are probably all of the reasons you came to CrossFit in the beginning. Don't forget the importance of those things!