2018: Crush Your Goals


2018 is here.

2017 came and went in the blink of an eye and you realize you haven’t even thought about your New Year’s resolution since February. Maybe you haven’t got that first muscle-up or mastered double unders like you wanted to.

Let’s be honest, sometimes New Year’s resolutions seem kind of pointless. They don’t have to be. With a little change of perspective, you can make resolutions work for you.

1. List your goals and your WHY.

It’s easy to write down list of goals “lose ten pounds, get a muscle up, run an 8 minute mile”. WHY is this your goal? Getting to the root of why these are your goals can help you decide if they really deserve to be on your list in the first place.

2. Break your goals into realistic and attainable pieces.

So you want to lose ten pounds in 2018? Focus on one pound at a time. You want to get a muscle up? Then your resolution should really be “work on muscle up drills X times per week”. Maybe aim to get every OTHER double under first. Then work on five in a row.

3. Create shorter timelines.

If the end of the year is your deadline, it’s easy to lose focus. By creating multiple timelines throughout the year, you can focus on a deadline that’s not only easier to focus on, but more realistic to meet. For example, for your ten pound goal: Lose 1 pound per month.

You're gonna kill it.

You’re a CrossFitter. That means you already know how to grind away at things that are hard. Take the steps to set yourself up for success in 2018 and you will CRUSH your goals.

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