Happy New Year - 2019!

While the gym is closed today in celebration of a wonderful New Year, we would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for the amazing things you have helped us accomplish this past year!

We moved locations and completely rebranded the gym, giving us a fresh beginning to introduce our new approach to health and wellness, as well as our re-focus on the Community that lives within our walls.

We joined up with Ryan and Anna at The Uncommon Breed to tag-team business ideas and bring some pretty amazing things into the world - Wodables, our non-profit online fitness program for home, gym and travel kicked off with the goal of getting Service Line professionals in to the gym, as well as outside. With a focus on taking a pro-active approach to health and wellness, mental health/behavioral heath and death due to both. We are looking to raise funds to help pay for gym memberships, as well as education for others to become coaches and mentors in this field. check out our Go Fund Me for Project Uncommon and help make this a reality!

Then we teamed up with Physician, dietician, life coach, Yoga instructor, and an award winning producer/writer/director to do "The Inspirement Plan." A YouTube Series focused on working with individuals who are de-conditioned, to create someone with a resilient mindset, nutritional educations and physical fitness knowledge to help them sustain a lifetime of health and wellness.

And finally, we launched The Occupational Athlete - An online fitness program designed for Service Line Professionals (Military, Police, Fire & EMS) with the goal of reducing Line Of Duty injuries and deaths.

We could not have done any of this without the people who surround us in our lives every day - our gym members and family - who relentlessly and without question support us in each new endeavor, and, continue to to grow our Community here locally in our own gym!

We are looking forward to 2019 and all of the wonderful things that 365 days of opportunity will have to offer!

With our Love,

Ben & Kelsey